10 advantages of having an advice

10 advantages of having an advice

The accounting and fiscal obligations with the Tax Agency or with other public administrations mean that for self-employed and businesses, deal with large volumes of legal documentation and paperwork. Thus, count on the support of professional advice It is a series of advantages that are worth noting:

1 – Streamline procedures

Having an advice contributes to expedite procedures when filling out and submitting forms, models or minutes. This is an important time saving and also avoids the typical misunderstandings, doubts or confusions when sending the documents.

2 – Know the operation to local requirements

Either by the public councils or the municipal ordinances of the municipalities. For example, an advisory in Gijón will take into account the legal obligations that exist in Asturias in general, and in Gijón in particular.

3 – Provide security when complying with the law

They ensure that the company complies with the current tax or labor law. This is essential for Do not risk possible fines and penalties.

4 – Allow to adapt quickly to changes in regulations

Laws change and evolve over time and sometimes it is difficult for the worker or employer to be aware of all changes. Thanks to the advice, keep up with the law It is no longer a problem.

5 – Offer information on grants and subsidies

Professional advisors have a deep knowledge of local or national reality. This includes the possible economic subsidies to which the company can opt. In addition, they help you to formalize the applications.

6 – They adapt their tools to the needs of the business

Whether you are a private individual, as a self-employed person or a company of any magnitude, the consultancies adapt their services to the needs of each one. For example, a large company will have to formalize much more paperwork than a freelancer.

7- They allow you to keep up with the procedures with the Treasury

In the case of tax advice, they allow the worker or employer stay up to date with your paperwork with the Treasury, delivering all documents within the established deadlines. Tax models, VAT and IRPF declarations, Corporation Tax… everything will be in order and delivered in due time.

8 – Help with company accounting

On the other hand, an accounting advice helps in everything necessary with the accounting of the company. Companies have to deal with daily account books, income and expense balances, profit and loss accounts, accounting entries, invoices and much more. A whole sea of ​​documentation that requires help from an expert.

9 – Help to comply with labor regulations

In addition, they help to comply with labor regulations. Good professional advice is essential for comply with the requirements of the Workers Statute and of the collective agreements of each sector in relation to working hours, contracts, permit applications, vacations, overtime, salaries, etc. That without counting on some of the new requirements in legal matters, such as the data protection of employees and customers or the new obligation of sign at work.

10 – Give security

In short, all this translates into greater security and the guarantee of know that things are being done well.

Don't forget that good advice always owes you offer a personalized service Y adapted to your needs. Having all the paperwork in order is the first essential step to have a company in order and clean. In addition, it will allow you take away from many worries and focus on what really matters: bring your business to success.

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