Adriano Scholarships of the Junta de Andalucía: Application and Procedure

becas adriano junta de andalucia

What are the Adriano Scholarships, what do they consist of, who are they aimed at and how to apply for them. We tell you everything. Ready?

There are many types of scholarships. The best known are the scholarships given by the Ministry of Education, the famous MEC scholarships for students in general of teachings ranging from children to university.

But then there are others, perhaps less known, that are offered based on other departments. Some administrations, foundations and public bodies offer other type of scholarships to complement them.

Some of them are the Adriano scholarships. We tell you what they consist of, to whom they are addressed and how to request them.

scholarships adriano junta de andalucia

What are Adriano scholarships?

The Adriano scholarships are grants that aim to promote the permanence in the educational system of young students.

For this they must be enrolled in some of the following modalities:

  • Teachings
    of Baccalaureate
  • Teachings
    Second year of the Middle Grade Vocational Training, Teaching
    Music and Dance Professionals, from the Professional Arts Teachings
    Plastic and Design and Sports Education
  • Teachings
    Higher Degree in Vocational Training, Plastic Arts and Design and
    Sports Teaching
  • Teachings
    Superior Artistic

Adriano scholarships are fully funded by Andalusian Board. It is a measure that they put in place from the Board to avoid exclusion and educational abandonment when it occurs linked to the economic resources of the family unit. That is, it is sought that no young person is left without studying because they have no family solvency to invest in their education.

Scholarships for equality

Scholarships must be based on the principles of equity and equal opportunities. With them, measures linked to the correction of social inequalities, promoting the democratization of knowledge and facilitating that all students have the possibility of being able to stay in the educational system and thus reach the highest academic qualifications. Is a type of integrative scholarship and that really makes it easy to combat early school leaving.

Who can benefit from the Adriano Scholarships?

The Adriano scholarships are aimed at students who attend some of the official teachings mentioned in non-university teaching centers from Andalusia Adult education centers do not fall within this group.

To qualify for the Adriano scholarships, in addition to reside in the community Autonomous of Andalusia, the requirements and economic and academic conditions that mark the call for grants of a general nature for post-compulsory non-university studies of the Ministry of Education. In fact, the application deadline usually coincides with the term of the standard scholarships of the Ministry of Education.

Just don't forget that Adriano scholarships will be incompatible with the perception of other subsidies, aid or income for the same purpose, regardless of the administration or public or private organization that grants it.

the person receiving the scholarship must be holder or co-holder of the account
that is indicated in the application of the same, must be active and also
discharged from the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of the Board
from Andalusia

How to apply for Adriano scholarships?

In order to apply for the Adriano scholarships we will be attentive to the portal of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía. The scholarships usually published at the end of the calendar year for the current school year, but it is not necessarily so. The best thing not to miss opportunities is to be aware of the indicated website.

To request them you can do by web application, where we can register to start the request. There are some documents that we must fill in to authorize the verification of the data reflected on the income. He last year they went on call in december, so we will be aware to give them the necessary dissemination and so you can benefit from them.

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