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Retirees and pensioners are one of the collectives subject to aid such as those discussed below. In many cases, essential to complete an insufficient pension.

With more than 9 million and a half of retired people and pensioners in Spain, one way to supplement the pensions that are received is through specific grants. And although pensions rise every year, in many cases it is insufficient. Therefore, in order to encourage people to enjoy the well-deserved retirement without too many worries, we review the helps pensioners and retirees that exist today.

What types of retirement assistance are there

There are multiple types of aid according to the need to cover. Today, let's review the main ones. Remember that, in case you have doubts or have a specific request you can share it in, a space where other users and experts will answer your questions.

Help for rent for people over 65

The most interesting is the one that is included in the state housing plan 2018 – 2021. The rent aid included in this plan translates into a bonus of up to 50% of the monthly rent for people over 65 years. There are also grants for improving the accessibility of housing, which offers up to 75% of investment aid that this entails when residents are people over 65 years.

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Social electricity bonus

Related to housing, a very interesting help is the social bond of electricity. The purpose of this aid is for pensioners (among other groups) with a minimum pension to obtain bonuses on their electricity bill of between 25% – 50%, depending on the situation. These aids will be requested through the web of the supplying company, by telephone, mail, etc. We recommend consulting the website of each company to know deadlines and application systems.

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The Active Aging Program and IMSERSO trips

One of the star and most recognized aids are those aimed at leisure and tourism through the Active Aging program and with the famous IMSERSO trips by flag. With this aid it is intended that retired people can enjoy the maximum time without involving a large cost to your pocket. Coast and inland tourism, together with hydrotherapy services, are the main programs. Thus, it contributes to improve their quality of life, their health and also to the prevention of dependence.

Aid for pensioners and retirees

Home help aids

For people who require extra support at home, there are home assistance aids. Through the system for autonomy and attention to dependence, a series of benefits are structured so that people who need help in their daily life at home can have a person or financial help that facilitates their autonomy. Telecare, food at home, domestic service, etc., are some of the aids that retired people can access.

Grants for day centers and residences

Following in this line, and to favor the idea of ​​active aging for as long as possible, there are grants to access day centers and residences. These consist of bonuses to the quotas of the same, adapted transport services, and in short, any support that facilitates access to any of the resources. There are different types according to the need and situation of the person.

Autonomous and local bodies for the management of benefits

All these aids are regulated by each autonomous community. Therefore, in order to access all the information and request them, you must go to the competent body in your autonomous community, which will usually be the housing or social services department, according to need. For IMSERSO trips, you can check the website or consult authorized travel agencies for processing.

In addition to these, there are others that work at the local level, more specific for special situations. For any questions, we recommend that you contact your nearest social service center or the social worker of your health center. From these resources you will know how to orientate yourself to enjoy your retirement to the maximum and without too many headaches.

If you have any questions, remember that you can always find answers in the forum.

Aid to pensioners and retirees in Spain

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