Aid for Returned Migrants to Spain: List and details

ayudas emigrantes retornados

The aid for returnees They aim to facilitate the return to those people who undertook a life outside our country and who want to return, either by necessity or by rooting.

Within this group we can find different profiles of people and, consequently, different types of aid. Let's review the most general.

If you have been living or working outside of Spain for a while and now you want to return, it is important that you know the help available for returning emigrants that you can take in.

Aid for returnees

We will start with the benefits offered by the Public State Employment Service, SEPE.

1. Subsidy for returned migrants

It is a subsidy to which Spanish emigrants returned from certain countries in which they have worked are entitled, provided they are not entitled to the tax benefit for having contributed for unemployment less than 360 days in the 6 years prior to their departure from Spain.

This subsidy has a duration of six months and an amount of 80% of the IPREM (for 2019, about 537 euros).

2. Active Insertion Income for Returned Migrants (RAI)

RAI is an aid granted to various groups in situations of vulnerability, and returnee migrants are within them.

Unlike the subsidy for returned migrants, here it is required that those who request it are between 45 and 65 years old and have worked at least 6 months abroad since the last departure from Spain and returned in the previous 12 months upon request. The duration is 11 months and the amount equal to the previous subsidy.

All information on Active Insertion Income (RAI)

3. Unemployment allowance for returnee migrants over 52 years of age

As indicated, it is aimed at people over 52 years. In addition, we must have been returned migrant workers from countries not belonging to the European Economic Area, or Australia or Switzerland, and have worked at least 12 months in the last 6 years since their last departure from Spain.

The duration of this subsidy will be until the age that entitles us to access the contributory retirement pension in the Spanish Social Security System is reached. The amount, like the rest, 80% of the IPREM.

All information on Unemployment benefit for people over 52 (before 55)

4. Unemployment benefit of the returned emigrant who quoted in Spain before emigrating

To access the unemployment benefit, we must have contributed before in Spain for a minimum period of 360 days within the six years prior to the date of emigration, and that these contributions have not been taken into account to access an earlier benefit. That is to say, that they have not generated a previous unemployment that we have received. And we must not be receiving the unemployment benefit in any other State of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

It is the same as an unemployment benefit for use, so its duration depends on the time previously quoted. And the amount is calculated in the same way: during the first six months it is 70% of the regulatory base and from that date and until the end of the benefit, 50% (unless there are particularities as dependent children)

To facilitate the return process there are specific aids whose purpose is to address the situations of need of returned Spanish people. It is sought with them to cover the extraordinary expenses derived from the fact of the return when we can prove that there is an insufficient resources at the time of requesting the aid.

The aid will be of variable amount depending on the causes that generate the request and the economic and family situation of the people who request it.

All these grants depend on the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security. The first four must be requested through SEPE, the last through the Portal for Spanish Citizenship Abroad.

The Return to Spain Plan

Within the Return to Spain plan, specific support programs for those who want to return to Spain and who are under 35 years of age have been launched.

This resource also offers specific advice for job search and guidance in general. It is offered through the autonomous communities as they are the administrations responsible for its implementation.

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