Aid to Immigrants in Spain: State Benefits 2019

Aid to Immigrants in Spain: State Benefits 2019

If you are an immigrant and have arrived in Spain, it is interesting that you know the aid for immigrants that exist and which you can welcome. In general, arriving in a country is usually not easy. To make it more adaptable, let's review the aid to immigrants that exist in Spain nowadays.

Specifically for immigrants there are today two help lines that depend on the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.

Humanitarian Assistance Program

The program of Humanitarian Attention It is one of the aids available today.

It is aimed at addressing the state of need of immigrants in situations of vulnerability due to physical deterioration and lack of social, family and economic support and that reach the Spanish coast or form part of settlements that involve serious social and health risks and require immediate action programs for its correction.

They help in the Integral reception, making it easier for people who arrive to have accommodation and basic needs covered. They are services for people with extreme need.

International Protection and Asylum Program

On the other hand we find the program of International Protection and Asylum.

It is aimed at people who must leave their country of origin and aims to address the state of need of applicants or beneficiaries of international protection in vulnerable situations. Through the Refugee Shelter Centers (C.A.R.), recognized and authorized by the ministry, you can access a 6 month stay to favor its integration process.

To be able to take advantage of any of them we must go to the non-profit entities specialized in this type of services. We must also demonstrate our situation of need for asylum in the specific case.

Economic aid to immigrants in Spain

When talking about help to immigrants, we must be cautious. In general, it is thought that there is more aid to immigrants than to Spanish people, and that is not the case. The aid to which they can benefit they are mostly the same as people of Spanish nationality.

In general, it can be assumed that they access more but it is not real. What happens is that they do not have a social network of support or roots. They usually do not have an environment that can help them: family, friends, etc. On many occasions they arrive with nothing and therefore, in general they tend to meet more poverty level requirements to access these aids than nationals.

Usually, to access any social and economic benefit, several requirements are usually requested. The most common, be registered in the area where the help is requested and the total income of the unit of coexistence.

Having these two requirements ahead, it happens on more occasions than we imagine, that many immigrants are left out of aid because they are not registered. Or even for sharing a room, in a shared flat. If they are registered in that house and there are several people who already receive aid, it may be incompatible.

Having made this clarification, let's see what economic aid immigrants and nationals can receive within the various systems:

Social Services Benefits

one. Alternative accommodation or homeless shelters. For extreme situations in which there is no family or social network, or if it exists, cohabitation due to risk to the person and their environment is not feasible. Or you simply lack a home.

two. Prevention and insertion programs, which facilitate that the person at risk can benefit from support services in order to achieve rehabilitation and social reintegration.

3. Economic benefits to cover basic expenses and needs.

3.1. Aid for people without income. At the regional level there are financial aids that may be periodic or urgent for people or families in situations of social exclusion. They make reference to the basic income.

3.2. Food aid and other basic needs. In the same way, at the autonomous level, specific aids for food, rent, etc. are articulated. They are also called social emergency aid.

3.3. Other type of aid. For example, in the case of being a victim of gender violence, we can take advantage of specific programs and grants.

To qualify for these grants you must go to your social services center or district board.

Social Security and Housing Assistance

To qualify for these grants, you must go to the social security office in your city or to the housing department. You can consult the social security delegations on their website. As for housing, you must do it through your town hall or district board.

Public Service and State Employment Aid

The help for
foreigners in Spain without a job
they are the same as for nationals
Spaniards, unless he is a returned emigrant.
To be able to inform and request them, you must do so through your
employment office.

This is a sample of existing resources in general. Each autonomous community starts up more specific aids but they differ little from those indicated here.

We insist that most of the aid is for immigrants as well as for people born in Spanish territory, except for those that refer to humanitarian attention and international protection or asylum.

To know in a concrete way those aids to which you are entitled, you We recommend that you go to your social services center or social worker reference.

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