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The application for the unemployment benefit has a period stipulated by the administration. But what happens if we don't do it in this one? Can you ask for the strike out of time? How do i do it?

When applying for unemployment benefits we must be careful with deadlines and dates. The reason is very simple, and that any request submitted after the deadline will have negative consequences in the form of a penalty. Know the deadlines for requesting unemployment benefits and allowances and consequences have to do it out of time.

First of all, let's review what deadlines we have to be able to access each of the existing benefits.

What are the deadlines to request unemployment?

To apply for unemployment benefits, I must have contributed at least one year, or have accumulated to be able to reactivate. If this is your case, just as if you are requesting a return grant from abroad or a release grant, the term you have is 15 business days.

This means that if you end your contract on August 31, you will have a term until September 20, since weekends and holidays are not counted.

If you have finished an employment contract …

It is also important that if you request unemployment after finalizing a contract, you must wait to be low in social security. This means that if in your contract you have not enjoyed holidays, the company must quote for you those days and you will still be registered in social security. The best way to know is to ask for your working life.

If you have worked less than 1 year …

If you have worked less than a year, you will be entitled to unemployment benefit. The deadline is the same, 15 business days. In fact, the period of 15 working days is the usual one in almost all the benefits that the Public Service of State Employment offers.

Special benefits, special terms

We must not lose sight of those special benefits that we must wait a month to request, in which case the deadlines vary.

These are special subsidies granted to different groups, depending on personal situations. Here we meet the Unemployment benefit for family charges, allowance for people over 45 and extraordinary unemployment benefit. These subsidies are usually charged after having exhausted some benefit.

See all the help related to Employment and occupation.

Request for unemployment within and after the deadline

Here we have to make an important point. When making any procedure with the SEPE, we must make an appointment through the web.

It will be within the deadline if:

1. We request the appointment within the first 15 days but we are granted it for later this period.

Following the previous example, in which we had a deadline to request the benefit until September 20, if you ask for your appointment on September 5 but they do not give you a date until the 25 of that same month, the date that will be taken in account is that of the appointment request, not that of the appointment as such. And it is that here the administration is consistent and knows that the date of the appointment does not depend on you, but on the administration itself.

2. If we submit the application within the indicated period but, due to lack of documentation, it is processed afterwards.

We must also take into account that if we submit the application within that margin but some documentation is missing, usually the company certificate, the reference date taken to assess the recognition of the benefit is that of the appointment, regardless of the lack of any documentation or not.

It will be out of time if:

1. If we make the appointment request outside of that 15-day margin, we must stick to the consequences.

As we see, the administration is even comprehensive in this regard and gives a considerable period of time to complete the procedures, so it is also demanding.

So, if you submit the request after that time, the collection of the benefit is penalized as many days as you have been late.

So, can I apply for the subsidy after the deadline?

The answer is yes, you can ask but it will result in a penalty depending on the delay.

For example, if we spend a day, the cost is not very high, but if we spend several weeks, the penalty can be considerable, and even lose the benefit generated in its entirety.

Our recommendation is that you do not waste time in requesting the appointment and always where they can best advise you is in the same State Public Employment Service.

SEPE website to request an appointment: Electronic Headquarters

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