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Award from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). TheCanadian International Development Agency (CIDA) manages the majority of Canada's official development assistance (ODA) programs in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia. TheCanadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is charged with leading Canada's international efforts to help people living in poverty.

The agency works closely with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Canadian and international partners.

As part of its Action Plan to Increase Aid Effectiveness, the Government of Canada will invest 80% of its bilateral resources in 20 targeted countries (North Africa and Middle East: West Bank and Gaza Strip – Africa Sub-Saharan Africa: Ethiopia | Ghana | Mali | Mozambique | Senegal | Sudan and South Sudan | Tanzania Americas: Bolivia | Program for the Caribbean | Colombia | Haiti | Honduras | Peru – Asia: Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Indonesia | Pakistan | Vietnam – Europe East: Ukraine).

These countries were chosen based on their actual needs, their ability to receive assistance, and their alignment with Canada's foreign policy priorities.

To apply for a scholarship or assistance from CIDA for your studies in Canada, please send your scholarship application in the format given in the guide to study abroad by mail to the address below. below. If you do not have the guide yet to study abroad, click here

Center Square, 200, Portage Hull Promenade
(Quebec) K1A 0G4 CANADA
Tel: 1.800.230.6349 Fax / 001819.953.6088

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