Financial aid for students – Aid and Subsidies Blog

Financial aid for students - Aid and Subsidies Blog

If you are a student, we are sure that all financial aid
that you can find will come in handy. The Scholarships for university studies offered by the Ministry of
Education and Vocational Training
They are the best known. They are aimed at
students who in the 2019 – 2020 course are enrolled in any of
the following levels:

  • University education leading to degrees
    Degree and Master's degrees (including undergraduate and Master studies
    in the university centers of Defense and Civil Guard)
  • Preparation course for access to
    University of over 25 years taught by public universities.
  • Complementary credits or supplements of
    training for access or obtaining the Master or Degree degree.

These scholarships do not include grants for private, postgraduate, doctoral studies, etc. As there are many types of studies and also, many places to study, there are other scholarships and grants that go a little further. And these scholarships are the most common and known, but there are others that may interest you more. We tell you what scholarships exist as you want to study abroad, do internships or research tasks.

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Mobility scholarships to study abroad

If what you want is study outside, there are scholarships that will help you to do it without problem. If you are studying a University Degree or Master, there are multiple aids. The best known are the Erasmus + scholarships. With them you do not have to pay academic or tuition fees at the host university, your studies abroad count as an integral part of your career and you also receive an EU scholarship to cover living and travel expenses.

Financial aid for students

If you do not want to leave Spain, you can also opt for the program SICUE Mobility. The Exchange System between University Centers of Spain (SICUE) is a National mobility program for university students, and that allows to realize a period of studies in a Spanish university institution different from the one in which you are enrolled, with guarantees of academic recognition and of use, as well as of adaptation to your curricular profile.

There are also scholarships by countries. These are usually aimed at undergraduate students already graduated and who want to continue studying, such as aid for the realization of Master's degrees in the United States of America, the Carolina Foundation scholarships, the scholarships Fulbright waves La Caixa Foundation scholarships. And some specialized according to degree, such as Cervantes scholarships, also for graduates.

Internship scholarships

To improve your work options, without a doubt, the best is
perform practices. And if you have the option of doing them abroad, still
best. Erasmus + also offers
scholarships for internships for students, and you can combine them with
studies. The Santander scholarships they offer you many possibilities, both for
students as for graduates, outside and inside Spain. With the Avenir scholarships, you can make
internships and also study in different locations in France. If you are looking
new experiences, the Vulcanus scholarships they offer you the possibility of doing internships in Japan, but if you don't want to
go so far with the SEPI scholarships you can do internships
inside of Spain.

Financial aid for students

There are some more specific scholarships, such as scholarships CULTUREX of practical training in cultural management for young Spaniards abroad, or CNN scholarships for young journalism students who want to know how CNN works inside in the United Kingdom.

Research scholarships

Scholarships for research for university students
they can be very interesting to delve into a specific area of ​​your
training. The CSIC (top scientific research center) offer the JAE scholarships for science students,
humanities, etc. The scholarships of
of the Ministry of Science, Research and Universities are destined
to university students to perform research tasks in
University departments The scholarships
They offer you the possibility to study and research in Germany.

As you can see there are many options. Most internship scholarships are aimed at young graduates, and
those that don't, usually combine practices and studies. And if you are looking for scholarships for
do the doctorate, it is best that you report to your university because
There are multiple options, and they can guide you which one interests you most
According to your studies.

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