Get a visa to study in Germany – Scholarship

Get a visa to study in Germany - Scholarship

Obtain a visa to study in Germany. Before you start your visa process to study in Germany, make sure you have a valid passport for more than one year. To study in Germany, it is imperative to obtain admission to a German university and a visa for certain countries.

How to get a visa to study in Germany

To enter Germany, a visa must be issued to you by the diplomatic representation of Germany in your country of origin. this regulation does not apply to students from Schengen area countries and some countries that have agreed different regulations with Germany.

To obtain a visa to study in Germany, students outside the Schengen area are required to present a letter of admission from a German higher education institution.

In addition, foreign students must provide proof of sufficient funds to live in the country as well as proof of residence (room rented in the name of the student, certificate of accommodation, etc.). For the other documents required to obtain the student visa, please contact the German embassy in your country of residence.

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