Grants and scholarships for students with special needs

becas escolares alumnos especiales

What do these scholarships consist of? Can your child benefit from them? Let's look at the particularities of special education scholarships.

The beginning of school has arrived and with it the disbursement of money in books, school supplies, etc. Luckily, each year the Ministry of Education announces a series of school scholarships that help us cope with this expense.

There are multiple types of scholarships, whose purpose is to make it easier for families that the beginning of the course is not done so uphill. Scholarships for students with a specific need for educational support are a type of scholarship aimed at a specific group.

Special education scholarships for students with educational needs

What is meant by a student with educational needs?
According to the government, it is understood by
students «with Specific Needs of
Educational support
»(NEAE), the one who presents Educational Needs
Special or other educational needs by Specific Difficulties of
Learning (DEA)
, by Attention Deficit Disorders with or without Hyperactivity (ADHD),
by Specials
Personal or School History Conditions (ECOPHE)
, by Incorporation
Delayed to the Educational System (INTARSE)
or by High
Intellectual Capabilities (ALCAIN)
, Difficulties
in the field of communication and language
and that they can
require certain supports in part or throughout their schooling.

So that the spectrum of beneficiaries is wide: from young people with disabilities to students with high capacities. All those children who require an adaptation in their learning process are students with educational needs, and consequently, potential beneficiaries of special education scholarships.

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Areas and types of aid

Special education scholarships contemplate different areas of help. From aid to transportation, residence or school canteen, school supplies and books, to subsidize a significant amount (maximum 913 euros) of the adaptations required by the child.

Let us not forget that the purpose is to provide specific educational support and attention that is necessary because of either a recognized disability, behavioral disorders or high capacities.

Amount of scholarships and grants

The amount of the aid will also be determined by the level of income of the family and the special needs that arise from the particular situation of the student. The rent thresholds range from 11,937 euros for families of one member to 45,744 euros for families of 8 members.

Scholarships transport university students

How to apply for special education scholarships

Depending on which situation motivates the grant application, one type or another of documentation will be requested. Specifically we must take into account these aspects, collected on the website of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training:

If the child has a degree of disability or serious behavior disorder, must be submitted:

  • Certificate of an assessment and guidance team from a base center of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services or corresponding body of the autonomous community.
  • Certificate of an educational and psycho-educational guidance team or the orientation department dependent on the corresponding educational administration.
  • Disability certificate.

If the child needs pedagogical or language reeducation, in addition to the previous one, the following documentation will be required:

  • Certification issued by the inspector of the area in which the need to receive these treatments is evidenced by the absence or insufficiency of the pedagogical attention provided by the center in which the requesting student is enrolled and the unfeasibility of enrollment of the requesting student in a center that has the required reeducation service .
  • Specific report of the educational and psycho-pedagogical guidance team or the guidance department in which the educational assistance and the weekly hours that are considered necessary for its correction are detailed, as well as, where appropriate, those provided by the center, the expected duration of the center and the conditions that guarantee its provision.
  • Report issued by the center or reeducator to provide the service that contains detailed information on its characteristics, including the number of weekly hours and the specialist who provides it, as well as the monthly cost.
  • Responsible statement of the person who imparts the pedagogical reeducation or language that meets the training requirements established in the call.

If the child requires educational support associated with high intellectual abilities:

  • Certificate of an educational and psycho-pedagogical guidance team or the guidance department dependent on the corresponding educational administration.
  • Report issued by the center or the re-educator to provide the service stating the characteristics of said service, as well as the weekly hours, the specialist who provides it and the cost.

Let's not forget that The beneficiaries they will be students who must be enrolled in teachings ranging from early childhood education to Basic Vocational Training (for students with disabilities) to intermediate and higher level training cycles or professional artistic education for students with high capacities.

The request must be made electronically. If you have a recognized electronic signature certificate, you can perform the entire procedure via the web. If not, you must print the application form in pdf file and present it in the educational center where the course studies are going to be carried out.

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