Grants and scholarships for Summer Camp and Camps [2019]

Grants and scholarships for Summer Camp and Camps [2019]

The holidays arrived! But … for everyone? During the summer months, marriages, camps and others are, for many, the only option to combine work and family. Learn about the grants and subsidies that exist.

The longed for summer holidays are here. But sometimes they can be more of a problem than a joy. When parents work outside the home, organize for take care of children once they finish school comes to generate more than one headache.

A common solution is to have family members but sometimes it is not always possible. The other option, more extended and with a lot of possibilities, is the search camps, summer camp and other leisure activities that are organized for the kids.

This type of services entails a cost that can lead to an extra expense that is not affordable for all families. That's why we're going to see helps for summer activities, so that summer is a joy for both children and parents, and not a headache and an excess of spending.

Helps for summer camps

This year the government of Spain has increased by 50% compared to last year the aid for dining in summer and in leisure activities and free time. This is great news because it means that they are destined 15 million euros for grants and scholarships for summer camps during 2019 throughout Spain.

The amount of aid for summer camps varies according to the autonomous community. In general, the amount will vary by location and activity, and can range from 100 to 300 euros.

This figure is indicative, we insist that the amount varies according to autonomous community and type of activity. This help will also be personal, that is, only one activity can be subsidized per beneficiary.

Requirements for aid to summer camps

To be able to take part in it, you must be under 18 years of age (in some cases under 16) and not have enough resources at the family level to cover the costs of the camp. In addition, ne most cases, you must be registered in the town where you live and will develop the activity.

What do these helps contemplate?

Summer camps offer diverse activities, so the aids vary. From the tuition payment up to the cost of travel and help for the summer dining room that is inside the camp.

Generally, summer camps take place outside the city and it is necessary to accommodation. Hence, the eligible costs cover all or part of the total cost of the camp.

Other aids available for camps

In addition to the aid that depends directly on the state, Some organizations can offer scholarships and grants at the private level. We recommend that you get in touch with the manager of the camp to know more specifically what you can choose.

In the event that the child has a recognized disability, he may also benefit from specific assistance at some time.

Scholarships for summer school

Unlike the camps, which suppose a stay continued during several days, another option for the families can reconcile work and family are the summer houses.

Through the civic centers of your city, and even the schools themselves, you can access a lot of leisure activities and free time for this summer: toy libraries, robotics, language, sports camps, etc. Many of them offer a schedule of activities from morning to mid afternoon, so scholarships for summer dining are included in this service.

Bodies, amount and requirements

Scholarships for summer house they depend directly on the same civic centers, so to access information on both the activities and the scholarship, we recommend you go to the civic center of your neighborhood.

As summer camps, summer school subsidies are for young people under 18 years of age registered in the city chosen (the age will be raised to 21 years if the person has recognized some type of disability).

For calculate the amount of the aid and assess the right to it will be taken as reference the economic capacity of the family unit.

All the aids are managed through the social and municipal services of each locality. For this reason, it is going to facilitate the access of potentially beneficiary families through the information systems of the dining scholarships that they enjoy during the course.

So, for more information you can get in touch with your civic center. You can also ask in our forum, where experts and other users can help you.

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