Help pregnant women and working mothers: 2019/20

Ayudas para mujeres embarazadas

If you are pregnant or plan to be during this next year, we offer you information about the help for pregnant women that you can take in at the state level.

This type of aid they are intended to encourage and favor the increase of birth rates. In addition to ensuring as far as possible the quality of pregnancy.

The low birth rate generates concern in the government, so it is sought, through these grants, to promote as far as possible the increase in families.

What helps for pregnant women exist?

We can find different types of help to pregnant women according to situation and particularities. There are grants that depend on the government at the national level and others that vary depending on the autonomous community in which you live.

In this article we will offer a summary as complete as possible of state aid so you can rate the most appropriate for you. To know those helps for pregnant women at the local level, we recommend that you consult with your doctor, it will be who can best guide you, or make your inquiry in

Risk pregnancy

If you are a working woman and you are pregnant, you should know that there are help to reduce the risk during pregnancy.

As the Social Security website includes, this economic benefittries to cover the loss of income that occurs, when the worker is declared in a situation of suspension of the employment contract due to risk during pregnancy, in the cases in which, having to change jobs or activity for another compatible with her state, such change is not technically or objectively possible or cannot reasonably be required for justified reasons

All jobs contemplate this risk situation to a greater or lesser extent.. We recommend that you consult the collective agreement of reference to know the particularities of each position.

Risk during breastfeeding

In the event that once given birth, there is a risk to the baby, the mother can benefit from the economic benefit derived from the risk during breastfeeding. It is about covering the lack of income that occurs as a result of this situation, which entails the suspension of the contract due to risk.

The amount will be 100% of the regulatory base and it will be extinguished at the moment that the minor turns 9 months, reinstatement, etc. Like the previous one, this aid depends on Social Security and is aimed exclusively at working mothers, either on behalf of others, or on their own.

Help for pregnant women

100 euros aid for working mothers

This help is aimed at those mothers with children under 3 years old that work on their own or other people's account and for which they are registered in the Social Security.

This help allows you to deduct the IRPF fee up to € 1,200 per year for each child under 3 years old. The deduction for maternity can be requested in advance or added to the income statement.

Aid for single mothers

If you're single mother or single parent family, you can take advantage of specific aids. These benefits depend on both the state government and the autonomous community. In this article we explain what the aid for single mothers consists of.

Aid for large families

If the arrival of your new baby makes you become a large family, you can benefit from this situation. There are several benefits, such as the social bonus for large families. Check all the help for large families that you can benefit from in this link.

Benefit per dependent child

In the event that your economic situation is difficult and you find it difficult to reach all payments, you can benefit from the benefit for a dependent child.

To be eligible for it, you have to be in charge of children under 18, or older affected by a disability equal to or greater than 65%, legally reside in Spanish territory and meet the economic requirements.

As you can see, there are many aids for pregnant women and
With dependent children. Do not miss opportunities and benefit from those at
that you can choose

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