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Alma mater scholarships from the University of Montreal

IMF Scholarships in the United States. International Monetary Fund Funds Courses and Seminars macroeconomics policy and analysis, financial analysis and programming techniques, adjustment techniques and policies, public finances, balance of payments methodology, government finance statistics, monetary and banking statistics, monetary and exchange transactions, accounts of national financial statistics;

Seminars focused on thematic issues, as well as areas of tax policy management, social security, tax administration and reforms, value added taxes, banking supervision, central bank accounting , policy and operations concerning currencies, payment systems, financial transactions for lawyers.

IMF Scholarships – Duration of funding and training

Classes taught in English, French, Spanish and Arabic in Washington, D.C. (about 35 participants); and in English (with Russian interpretation) in Vienna, Austria (about 30 participants).
Washington, DC: 2 to 10 weeks; Austria: 1 to 9 weeks.

IMF Scholarships for:

In Washington DC: Funding is available to nationals of IMF member countries, officials of the official government departments of these countries (Ministries of Economy or Finance, Central Banks, etc.);

In Vienna : National Fellowships are available from IMF member countries employed in an official national administration of countries in transition in Eastern Europe and Asia. Each candidate must be presented by his administration which must certify, if he is admitted, that he will be granted a leave with normal salary and that, on his return, he will be reinstated at least in his former post. Candidates will be selected on the basis of their familiarity with market economies, their participation in courses, previous involvement of a fellow countryman, and the country's need in the specific field of training.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships:

Scholarships covering travel and accommodation expenses, plus subsistence allowance, health and travel insurance. Send your scholarship application using the template given in the guide to studying abroad at the address below:

Administrative division

IMF Institute – IS 2-1300
700 19th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20341, United States of America
Tel: (1) 202 623 7558 / Fax: (1) 202 623 6490

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