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If you are looking for a school transport scholarship, this article interests you. In it we will know what travel grants exist and how to access them. Since there are different typologies, we will differentiate between the scholarships for:

  • Basic education
  • Non-university students
  • University students

At the time of carrying out a regulated training, any economic aid is welcome. The school transport aids are always a way to facilitate that the displacements between the center of studies and the address does not suppose a too considerable expense.

Scholarships school transport

Scholarships for basic education students

With this typology we want to group Students enrolled in early childhood education, primary education or compulsory secondary education. The purpose of the school transport scholarship is to compensate the expenses incurred by the pupils as they travel to the study center by their own means.

These scholarships depend directly on each autonomous community, not on the Ministry of Education. Therefore, to access each one, we must contact the competent administration. The deadlines for making the application are usually between December and January, and the amount varies, according to community and according to distance.

For example, in the community of Madrid, the amount the help will be calculated, fundamentally, taking into account the distance between the family home and the teaching center, ranging between 260 euros and 1,100 euros per student / course.

In the Region of Murcia they are aimed at students enrolled in:

  • Levels of compulsory education (Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education and Special Education)
  • Second cycle of Early Childhood Education
  • Vocational Training Cycles Basic

In short, being a school transport aid that varies by autonomous community, our advice is that you consult the transportation scholarship in the education council of your locality.

Scholarships for non-university students

As we have indicated, a travel grant has as
to help those families who have to take a transfer in the
studies. These scholarships are aimed at students who enroll in:

  • high school
  • Vocational Training of Middle Grade and Higher Degree
  • Professional Artistic Teaching
  • Sports Education
  • Superior Artistic Teachings
  • Higher religious studies
  • Higher and Degree military studies
  • Language teaching in Official Schools, including distance mode
  • Access and preparation courses for entrance exams to Vocational Training and specific training courses for access to Training Cycles of Middle and Higher Level, taught in public and private centers
  • Basic Vocational Training

In this case, they are convened by the Ministry of Education, and they have a fixed amount. If a change of residence is required to attend the study center, we must apply for the scholarship associated with the student's residence during the school year. In this case, it is a fixed amount of € 1,500.

We insist that this scholarship we only have the right to receive it only if we have the need to reside outside the family home during the course. The family income also influences its concession, since there are income thresholds that mark the right to request and grant it.

For single-parent families the income threshold to access it will be € 13,236.00. If the family has 8 or more members, the threshold goes up to € 50,333.00.

Link of interest: Aid for single-parent families

Scholarships for university students

Scholarships for university students

Finally, the scholarships
displacement for college students
. In this case the scholarships are directed
to those students who are enrolled in:

  • University education adapted to the European Higher Education Area leading to official Bachelor and Master's degrees.
  • Preparatory course for access to the university of over 25 years taught by public universities.
  • Complements of training for access or obtaining the Master's degree and complementary credits for obtaining the degree.

Scholarships are not included in this call
completion of studies corresponding to the third cycle or doctorate, studies
of specialization or titles of the universities.

As in the previous case, this help is afixed amount that goes associated with the residence of the student during the school year, and that is € 1,500. And the amounts of the income thresholds will be the same as those for non-university students.

Thus, the scholarship for transportation to the university as such is only for those persons who require a change of residence of the family home.

These mobility grants for university students are published with the rest of scholarships through the ministry of education. Usually summoned in late summer, usually between the months of August and October.

To not miss any opportunity, be aware of the publications of Education and also the calls of your autonomous community.

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