Rural Development Programs: State and Autonomous

programas de desarrollo rural en españa

Rural development programs arise from Europe, and their goal is help the rural development of the autonomous communities. They are included in the FEADER program and have an allocation of 238 million euros, this being the amount of additional rural development funds allocated to Spain in the 2014-2020 period.

These programs are 18: 1 that works nationwide and another 17, one for each autonomous community. The economic distribution is calculated using economic, environmental and territorial indicators related to the three objectives of rural development policy: competitiveness of agriculture, sustainable management of natural resources and climate action and balanced territorial development.

Let's see what they consist of in more detail and how to access existing aid.

But first, if you want, you can check the aid available for rural activities:

National Rural Development Program

The objective of the national rural development program is to offer nationwide performances. These actions range from measures, advice and investments to others directly related to farms, forestry, agro-environmental, organic farming, environmental services, cooperation, etc.

In short, what is fundamentally sought is promote associative agri-food integration, encourage the creation of groups and organizations of producers and favor the industrial revitalization of the agri-food sector through cooperation.

It also aims at distribution of Feader funds among the various programs of rural development at the Spanish regional level. Thanks to it, a fund transfer mechanism is established through the development of a multi-regional financial instrument. The amount of this program is 237 million euros.

Autonomous rural development programs: what they consist of and how to apply for them

The PDRs have a budget allocation according to the EAFRD program, and the amount is divided according to the measures that are to be implemented. Specific, the measures for the 2014-2020 program The measurements are:

  1. Investments in physical assets: € 2,613 M (31.5%
    of the total Feader for Spain)
  2. Forestry investments: € 1,349 million (16.3%)
  3. Agri-environmental measures: € 870 M (10.5%)
  4. LEADER: € 820 M (9.9%)
  5. Development of farms and
    companies: € 607 million (7.3%)

The allocation by autonomous communities is:

Each Autonomous Community has developed a Rural Development Program in which, in addition to the common elements included in the National Rural Development Framework, specific measures are included for respond to different regional situations.

According to the rural development programs, the Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food publish aid calls for potential beneficiaries (people or entities linked to the rural environment) can request them, obtain them and apply them to comply with the measures established in the plan.

In what areas are these grants given?

In general, the aid offered is integrated into these blocks:

  1. Knowledge transfer and information activities
  2. Advisory services, management and replacement of exploits. agrarian
  3. Quality regimes for agricultural and food products
  4. Investment in physical assets
  5. Reconstitution of agricultural potential damaged by natural disasters and ca
  6. Development of farms and businesses
  7. Basic services and renewal of populations in rural areas
  8. Investments in the development of forest areas and improvement of viability
  9. Creation of producer groups and organizations
  10. Agroambiente and climate
  11. Ecological agriculture
  12. Help to rural areas with natural limitations or other limitations
  13. Animal welfare
  14. Silvoenvironmental and climate services and forest conservation
  15. Cooperation
  16. Risk management
  17. Leader

Aid available, deadlines and application

To know what aid is planned in each community, deadlines and application, there is a search engine on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that offers all the information to know the regional programs and the calls which depend on them, in addition to official requests and information related to all procedures.

It is more than certain that Throughout 2020 the new lines will be published of work related to rural development programs, we will be aware to offer you all the updated information.

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