Scholarships course 2019 – 2020: Helps studying Spain and abroad

Many students start looking for the different scholarships and study aids available for the following year. If you are of the foresighted, these are some of the scholarships for the 2019-2020 course to which you must be attentive.

When looking for scholarships for the next academic year, I'm sure that on more than one occasion you felt it was too complex.

It is true that there are many types, terms, forms, requirements, etc. and that in many cases it is a complicated process that requires some help and clarity. Therefore, to facilitate the organization in terms of scholarships and grants to the ongoing study 2019-2020 we prepare this post as a summary, to shed some light on the burdensome world of scholarships.

Scholarships course 2019 2020

Scholarships to study in Spain

We start with the scholarships to study within Spain. The most common scholarships are the generalist ones that are offered for both university and master's studies as well as compulsory secondary education, Bachillerato and Vocational Training.

Compulsory education, baccalaureate and training cycles

These helps they depend mostly on the Ministry of Education and we can find from scholarships that help students of more basic education (primary, child or ESO) to scholarships to study baccalaureate, training cycles of intermediate or higher grade.

Let's not forget that some of the school scholarships they are managed in each autonomous community. We recommend that you consult all the information in your locality. In this link you can find the existing scholarships by autonomous community and the information of each of them.

The majority of the scholarships to study in Spain include: aid for school expenses, aid for the payment of tuition or aid for transportation. The amounts and requirements will depend on the purpose of each and will be published as the application deadlines are opened (subscribe to the blog and we will notify you when this happens).

Supports school expenses

University students

For example, scholarships for university students are directed to students who are enrolled in any of the following levels:

  • Adapted university education to the European Higher Education Area leading to official Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
  • Course preparation for university access of over 25 years taught by public universities.
  • Training complements for access or obtaining the Master's degree and complementary credits to obtain the degree.

And the scholarships that will be awarded will be diverse. The enrollment scholarship (only for subjects in which you enroll for the first time) varies according to the level of income of the family unit.

There are others whose amounts are fixed, such as scholarship associated with the residence of the student during the school year (1,500 euros), the associated with income of the student (1,600 euros) and the linked to excellence in academic performance, which ranges between 50 and 125 euros.

This is an example, but scholarships associated with other levels
of studies are similar. For this we recommend that you consult both the
web of the Ministry
of Education
as the one of Education of your locality, because they can vary
according to community.

Scholarships to study languages

If we want to improve our level of languages, we can also apply for scholarships to study English or other languages. From grants for Official Language Schools to language immersion programs or courses at the university, the offer is varied.

Scholarships to study languages

Scholarships to study outside of Spain

In scholarships to study abroad we have many more options. From those that help us to study regulated education outside of our country, such as those that allow us to deepen the master's or postgraduate studies.

Erasmus Plus Scholarships

Erasmus + program

For example, within the Erasmus + program we can welcome Scholarships for study and internships abroad. They are aimed at students and recent graduates in higher education and also for students and recent graduates in professional training.

Leonardo Da Vinci Scholarships

We also find the Leonardo Da Vinci scholarships. These scholarships are aimed at people who study Vocational training and also people in general who are in the labor market who already have a specific qualification or title (occupational, professional or university training).

Other grants: Fullbright, La Caixa and Santander

In addition to these, if we want study or practice in the United States we can accept Fullbright scholarships. Other very interesting are the scholarships of the Obra Social of La Caixa. Among others, it offers postgraduate scholarships in Europe, in North America and the Asia-Pacific area, and doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships in Spain and Portugal. And the Santander scholarships open the doors to exchange with Ibero-American universities. Which one do you prefer?

If you have doubts or questions, remember that you can post them in and other users and experts will give you an answer.

Scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year

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