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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, which affect many children in our country, require special attention within the school environment. Therefore, there are a number of financial grants for children with ADHD and other special needs.

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ADHD or ADD disorder generates a series of behaviors in children that makes them very restless. They find it hard to concentrate and sometimes it also costs them a little more the learning process. To favor the correct development of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder there are various grants and scholarships. The end of them is provide support during growth of the child, seeking to minimize the risk of losing courses as much as possible.

What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

ADHD as defined by Barkley is a developmental disorder characterized by levels of lack of attention, overactivity, impulsivity inappropriate from the evolutionary point of view. It is a neurobiological disorder originating in childhood that implies a pattern of attention deficit, hyperactivity and / or impulsivity, as website picks up. It is not just a difficulty of attention, it involves more interactions.

Therefore, for
reduce the risk of school failure, we can benefit from scholarships and grants to
Children with ADHD. Let's take a look at the existing ones and what to do to
request them.

Scholarships for children with ADHD

Scholarships and grants for children with ADHD are requested, as are the rest of educational scholarships, before the start of the school year.

The scholarships that we can accept are those called for students with specific needs of educational support and we can do it through the website of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Within this typology there are two modalities:

  • Aid and subsidies for students with specific needs educational support derived from disability or serious behavior disorder,
  • You help for complementary programs to students with a specific need for educational support associated with high capacities.

According to our
circumstance, we will request one or the other. They are aimed at school children
in Spanish educational centers that prove the need to receive support
educational and meet the established requirements.

Application Requirements

To qualify for them, it is necessary to prove that there is a need for educational support, in accordance with what is required in the terms of the call according to the different situations and types of aid to be granted.

In addition, a series of economic requirements must be met, which will also be marked by the call for the scholarship. Therefore, the amount to be granted will vary according to the requirements and circumstances of the applicant.

The available scholarships and their economic amount

According to the previous calls, the aid that exists and which we can accept are:

> For students who present Special educational needs derived from disability or serious behavior disorders:

> Teaching: up to 862.00 euros.

> Intercity transport: up to 617.00 euros.

> School canteen: up to 574.00 euros.

> School residence: up to 1,795.00 euros.

> Transportation for weekend transfer of internal students in schools special education: up to 442.00 euros.

> Urban transport: up to 308.00 euros.

> Books and teaching material:

  • Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education, Vocational Training
  • Basic and Training for the transition to adult life: up to 105.00 euros.
  • Other levels of post-compulsory education: up to 204.00 euros.

> Pedagogical or language reeducation: that in each case is set as necessary and sufficient, in application of the rules of section 6 of this article, with a maximum limit of 913.00 euros for each of them.

In the case that we request aid for
pedagogical reeducation, the amount should be allocated to the actual financing of
a specific and professional psychoeducational intervention. It is not included here
school reinforcements that aim to improve grades

Other request requirements

Depending on the type of situation promoted by the scholarship application, a certificate that certifies and justifies the need. In some cases the disability certificate will also be requested, but it will depend on the particular situation.

To know the documentation to contribute we recommend consulting the call, but it is recommended go to the professionals of the educational center and professionals That accredits that situation.

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