Study in Quebec (Canada) in 2016 at Concordia University

Study in Quebec (Canada) at Concordia University; a Quebec public university under the tutelage of the Quebec Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. It is located in Montreal, Canada. The university is officially bilingual and represents one of the two English teaching universities in Montreal.

Concordia Faculties and Departments and Schools

The four faculties of Concordia University are Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Fine Arts, The John Molson School of Management. At the undergraduate level, the Quebec university offers 180 study programs distributed among its four faculties.
The School of Graduate Studies offers more than 70 programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees.

Concordia University also provides intensive and specialized training on certain topics through its three colleges (Liberal Arts College, Loyola College for Diversity & Sustainability, Science College, two schools (School of Community and Public Affairs and School of Canadian Irish Studies and his institute (Simone de Beauvoir Institute).

University funding and scholarships

The university has a budget of approximately $ 425 million.
Like all public universities, Concordia University is mainly funded by the Government of Quebec (approximately 56% of university revenues) and the federal government of Canada (approximately 7%). The tuition fees paid by the students represent around 16% of the university’s budget.

Several scholarship programs exist at the university, including scholarship programs from the Government of Quebec and Canada, scholarships from foundations and private donors and scholarships for excellence awarded to the best students.
To find out about the scholarship programs for foreign students or according to your case, we recommend that you apply for them during your admission. Admissions counselors will be able to better guide you.

Application for admission to study in Quebec at Concordia University

To study at Concordia University in Quebec (Canada), You can request free admission online on the university website or send a postal letter in French or English explaining that you wish to study at the University. Concordia thus wish you to receive by mail all the documentation (registration forms and files to be provided).

To request your admission online, visit the Website:
To apply for admission by mail, send your request for admission in French or English to the address below:

Concordia University
Address: 7141 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC H4B 1R6, Canada
Telephone: +1 514-848-2424

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