Subsidy for Over 45s: Requirements and Application

With the entry into force of the Reincorpora-T plan published in the BOE in April of this year, the emphasis is on protecting long-term unemployed unemployed people.

This translates into several measures that include guidance, training, job offers and benefits that add to the existing hiring bonuses and other aids.

For example, if you are unemployed and you are over 45 years old, know that you can opt for subsidy for over 45 years. Let's see what this help consists of and what to do to be able to request it.

What is the subsidy for people over 45?

This benefit is an economic aid that is offered to people who have exhausted their unemployment benefit, are over 45 years old and have no family responsibilities. The purpose of this help it is not to leave without coverage to those people who can find difficulties in their labor insertion because of the age.

The duration of this subsidy It's six months and the amount it will be 80% of the IPREM, about 430 euros in 2019. You have to take into account that if the last employment relationship that gave rise to the subsidy was part-time, the amount will be reduced proportionally.

Subsidy for seniors 45 years

Currently there are several types of subsidies and can lead to confusion. For example, if you are over 52 years of age, you must apply for the subsidy for people over 52 years of age, or if you have family responsibilities, to the unemployment benefit with family responsibilities. You can also opt for the Active Insertion Income, which is mainly aimed at people who do not have any help and have special insertion difficulties.

Our recommendation is that if you have any doubts, go to your employment office and ask for an appointment. They can guide you on what is the best help according to your particular situation.

How to apply for the subsidy for people over 45?

To be eligible for assistance, in addition to the requirement of age, you should not have the right to no unemployment benefit plus not have relatives in your care. To be able to request it we must also meet several points:

  • Be in legal situation of unemployment and registered as a job seeker, at least for a month after having exhausted the unemployment benefit. In other words, it is essential to keep the demand for unemployment up to date, before and during the duration of the subsidy.
  • Subscribe the activity commitment what the benefit entails This activity commitment is common and means that you must actively participate in the activities that are carried out from the employment office, go to job offers or participate in training courses in order to improve your chances of accessing a job.
  • Lack of income over 75% of the minimum interprofessional salary, which for the year 2019 is 675 euros.

These requirements must be met at the time of making the request.

Processing of the request

To process it, you can do it in person at your employment office or telematically. You must present in any case:

  • Official application form duly completed (you can download it here).
  • DNI or NIE of the applicant.
  • Any bank document that includes the account number of the holder and where you want to receive the benefit.
  • Only if the managing entity requests it, the proof of income, in the case of receiving them.

Deadline for application

Remember that the deadline to request it is from 15 business days once a month has passed since the unemployment benefit ended. Before you can not perform the management, you must be aware of the deadlines and above all do not forget to keep active your demand for employment.

Subsidy for over 45s: Requirements and application

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