Training in France at the University of Burgundy – Scholarship

Training in France at the University of Burgundy. The University of Burgundy (called uB) is a French public university located in the city of Dijon with campuses in Auxerre, Chalon-sur-Saone, Le Creusot, Mâcon and Nevers. Like all public universities, teaching is virtually free of charge, as are registration fees and other ancillary costs.

Nearly 30,000 students are welcomed each year. The university trains more than 2,000 employees or jobseekers as part of continuing education. Training is also available remotely or online.

Training in France at the University of Burgundy

The University of Burgundy offers a wide range of training in all disciplines (excluding odontology: law, economics, management, literature, languages, medicine, pharmacy, humanities, exact and experimental sciences) and at all levels (bachelor, master , doctorate, degrees in technology, engineering, professionalization, health, education and research training).

Financing, scholarship and housing at the University of Burgundy

The budget of the university is about 260 million euros. It is financed largely by the French state and local authorities.

CROUS Dijon will accompany you throughout your student life: Funding, aid and scholarship, housing, catering, culture, social, international, student jobs. Website:

Admission and registration

You can request your admission file and register online on the university website:

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