Youth Guarantee Plan for unemployed youth

Youth Guarantee Plan for unemployed youth

If you are young and do not study or work, you can sign up for Youth Guarantee. But do you know what the Young Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment Strategy consists of? In today's post, we talk about the subject.


What is the Youth Guarantee Plan?

As stated on the website of the Public Employment Service, the national youth guarantee system is a European initiative what do you expect facilitate young people's access to the labor market. In Spain, it is part of the Young Entrepreneurship strategy approved in February 2013 by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security. The Youth Guarantee Recommendation establishes that young people can receive a job offer, education or training after completing their studies or becoming unemployed.

Actually, it results in the creation of a file in which young people, registered on a voluntary basis, go on to constitute a single list of demand at the disposal of the entities responsible for proposing the concrete offers. The youth guarantee plan depends on the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, but it is articulated through the collaborating entities, which are the ones that carry out the orientation, training and insertion programs that are offered to young people. Let's see clearly who is targeted, how it works and how to sign up for the youth guarantee plan. An initiative that, combined with the rest of aid to young people without work, aims to reduce the notable youth unemployment that exists in our country.

Who is the initiative aimed at?

This resource is for young people between 16 and 29 years old, who are unemployed and that they are not doing any training. Specifically, the requirements to register for the Youth Guarantee are:

Requirements to register for the youth guarantee program:

  • To have Spanish nationality, be citizens of the Union or be a foreign holder of an authorization to reside in Spanish territory that enables them to work.
  • To be registered in any locality of the Spanish territory.
  • To have more than 16 years or less than 30 years at the time of requesting registration
  • Not having worked on the calendar day prior to the filing date of the application.
  • Not having received educational actions on the calendar day prior to the filing date of the application.
  • Not having received training actions on the calendar day prior to the filing date of the application.
  • Present an express declaration of interest in participating in the National Youth Guarantee System, acquiring a commitment to actively participate in the actions carried out within the framework of the Youth Guarantee. In the case of job seekers, their registration in the public employment services will suffice.

Since the goal is facilitate access to an employment offer or to a training for professional performance, it is logical that people should be without performing any activity.

What is the Youth Guarantee program?

Since it is the entities that implement the services for young people enrolled in Youth Guarantee, it will vary from one resource to another. One of the best known is the Chamber of Commerce and the PICE plan. Through this resource we can access the PICE Training Youth Guarantee courses. This training is translated into a series of free training actions which aim to improve employability through guidance and training. These courses range from training in office or languages, even in specific sectors such as logistics or gardening. In addition to the training, the aim is to bring the company closer to the young, through actions of Job intermediation or visits to companies.

The actions of youth guarantee, in addition to addressing the young person, also addresses the employer. Thus, they are offered hiring aids. In this way, the person with training is trained and their hiring is encouraged through bonuses.

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How do I sign up for the Youth Guarantee plan?

There are several ways to sign up for Youth Guarantee. The simplest is to do it through the public employment service. If you go to your employment office and meet the requirements indicated above, they will automatically register you. Do not forget to ask for a username and password, so you can then access your profile or job offers. As a beneficiary of the Youth Guarantee plan, you have a profile where entities can meet you and get in touch with you. If you change your phone, e-mail or do training, it is important that you can update your data.

Another option is go to the authorized organizations to be able to do it. If you address in person, will help you with registration procedures and will guarantee the security and reliability of the procedure. On the SEPE website you can access the entities that are in charge of the process, and that can advise you.

So do not forget, if you are under 29, do not study or work, and you would like to improve your chances of accessing employment or training, do not forget that from the youth guarantee plan you can help.

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